Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gotta get low, low, low...

Some of the best shots you can take are when you break the "6 foot" rule.....just because your eyes are roughly 6 feet off the ground, it doesn't mean the best place to shoot from is there!

So get off your "high horse" and get low...on the ground if need be. You will find that not only does the world look different from down there, but if you get in close to some interesting foreground subject matter, the distracting backgrounds tend to disappear behind them.

I've found shooting low and with a wide angle lens can really create some dramatic imagery that would otherwise be left undiscovered. 

If your camera has a swivel viewing screen, it makes seeing what you're shooting easy, but if you don't have that or a right angle finder for your eyepiece, try just shooting a "range" of tilt angles until the horizon is where you want it to be. Pixels are cheap!

Canon 1Ds with 16-35mm f2.8 Lens at 30mm set to 1/400th @ f10.0

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