Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good things come to those who wait...

I'd heard about the skateboard park hidden under the Burnside Bridge here in Portland, but never actually checked it out......until now. I had waited until the late afternoon sun was doing it's magic with the light and shadows.

Rather than try and follow the skaters around, I found a nice composition that worked for me, and did what I always do in situations like this......just waited. I knew that if I was patient, one of the skaters would eventually occupy the portion of the frame I had hoped for, and add that moment of gesture that helps make the shot work.

The message here is sometimes it's better to find a nice "frame-able" composition first, and spend some time waiting for a moment of "gesture" to bring the scene together.

Nikon F5 with 180 f2.8 ED Lens

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