Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weather or not...?

That is often the question when you live in the Northwest, and the extended forecast is rain, rain, or rain, and you're thinking about grabbing your camera.

Bad weather can make good pictures.  A moist world looks pretty great - notice the number of car commercials with wet pavement or the sparkling drops of water on "fresh" vegetables in a fast food ad.  Wet surfaces have more contrast and provide the beautiful snap of spectral highlights.  Backlit rain is especially lovely.

If you decide to brave the rain, just make sure to use common sense and protect your equipment from getting wet.  Find a covered area or protect the camera with a plastic cover or an umbrella.  I always carry a few hotel shower caps in my camera bag for this.  I also carry an REI-style gaiter that covers my zoom lenses that are too large for a shower cap.  

WARNING - Camera manufacturers may claim that their products are weather resistant, but they don't really mean it when it comes to honoring the warranty on a soggy DSLR.  Digital cameras hate water, so be very careful when you are in a wet environment. 

This cross country image was taken at Seattle's Woodland Park during a fall monsoon. 

Canon 1Ds Mk2 with Canon 300mm f/4 ISO 1600, f/5 @ 1/400

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