Monday, February 24, 2014

Rainy Day Refuge

I was wandering around Central Park on a dreary New York afternoon, looking for anything to shoot in the cold, flat light when the clouds opened up on me.

There's nothing like being caught unexpectedly with all your camera gear in a downpour, so I quickly
dashed under a bridge to try and keep things dry. There was no let up in the monsoon rains, so I started to explore the framing possibilities the bridges' arches were offering me.

I noticed I could add to the mood of the cold and damp by setting my camera's white balance on tungsten, so that daylight would be rendered with a strong blue tone.  After a few shots, I added a small prism filter across part of the frame to see what it might do with the trees and buildings.

The rains eventually stopped, and after returning to the open air from the protection of the bridge, soon realized that I probably had one of the better shots I was going to make that day.

The lesson here? Don't stop shooting just because you think you might have to "wait things out".
Sometimes the best shots can happen completely unexpectedly!

Canon 5D with 24-70mm lens

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